Vegan Pad Thai

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Traditional Pad Thai is served with eggs and often has fish sauce mixed into it. This vegan version is scrumptious and adds extra vegetables and tofu.

Recipe Source: ExtraVeganZa
Reprinted with permission from the author, Laura Matthias.
Photograph © Wanda Embar.

Serves 6-8




In a small bowl, combine the rice vinegar, tamari, rice syrup and peanut butter. Stir together thoroughly and set the sauce aside.

In a wok, sauté the tofu, garlic, ginger, scallions, chili, salt and yams in olive oil for several minutes, stirring frequently to prevent them from sticking to the pan. When the yams begin to soften, stir in the red pepper, sprouts, bok choy and water chestnuts. Continue sautéing for several minutes, then pour in the prepared sauce and cooked noodles. Gently stir the noodles into the vegetables and sauce. Remove from heat and add the lime juice. Garnish with toasted peanuts and scallions. Serve hot.

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