Dissection is the practice of cutting up an animal into several parts for scientific examination. Below the university level, frogs are the most commonly dissected animals. Other animals used include cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, mice, pigeons, foxes, mink and rats.

"Taking into account that biology is the science of life, and that it is not coherent to base the teaching of such a science on the death of other beings [and] giving priority to creation and not to destruction, the ministry resolves to ban vivisection and dissection of animals in teaching establishments."

-- Argentine Ministry of Education and Justice, 1987

Frog dissection.

Cats are embalmed and prepped for dissection.

Where do the Animals Come From?

Frogs are taken from the wild. Most other animals come from biological supply facilities. These facilities embalm animals and supply them to institutions and businesses that use animals in experiments. Animals are sold to these supply houses by dealers, pet stores, shelters and slaughterhouses.

Fetal pigs used in experiments are removed from the bodies of their pregnant mothers at slaughterhouses.


Classroom dissection desensitizes students to the sanctity of life and can even cause some students to inflict harm on animals elsewhere. They are completely useless to students who aren't interested in a career in science and can be replaced by sophisticated alternatives, like computer programs, for students who are.

Click to watch David Gallagher's dissection ad for PETA.

Computer-based programs, like Digital Frog,
are a great alternative to dissection.

"Year after year, animals are used to demonstrate the same well-known principles, although sophisticated models, videotapes, and computer simulations have many advantages, including reusability and durability.

Biology should be the study of life. Dissection teaches only death."

Eric Dunayer, V.M.D.
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