Famous Vegans

Bryan Adams
"Being sympathetic to animal rights is just something that came very naturally to me. Perhaps because I used to have dogs growing up, and you know they became part of the family. And it never occurred to me growing up. I never put the whole thing of animal cruelty and that together as a youngster. But the moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan."

Carol J. Adams
"When vegans eat with meat eaters, many of us don't see 'meat'. We see the remains of a morally abandoned being, at the center of the table, being buried into the stomachs of those around us. We are not just supposed to be quiet, we are supposed to be polite."

Casey Affleck
"When people ask me why I don't eat meat or any other animal products, I say, 'Because they are unhealthy and they are the product of a violent and inhumane industry'. Chickens, cows, and pigs in factory farms spend their whole lives in filthy, cramped conditions, only to die a prolonged and painful death."

Fiona Apple
"I'm not really up in the activist world right now,I'm not really thinking about it. I'm a vegan, but I don't care if you're eating turkey in front of me. I'm not a preaching vegan."

Emily Autumn
"I became vegetarian a very long time ago, around age eleven, when I realized that there was very little difference between a chicken, a cow, a horse, or my dog.Veganism came later. That was a choice I made as I began to become more educated on the facts about how poorly even dairy producing animals are often treated, how many chemicals they are injected with to increase their output, and how they often end up with the same fate of animals raised for slaughter. So, it was both a personal health choice as well as an ethical one."

Erykah Badu
"Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. Soul food means to feed the soul. And, to me, your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure."

Neal Barnard
"In animal labs, the medical students are given a dog, have to give the dog a variety of drugs to see how the drugs affect the blood pressure, the EKG, then they kill the animal. Those things don't just kill the dog; they also kill something in the student'compassion, which is all too frail in medicine today."

Gene Baur
"I think it's important for people to recognize that every day, they make choices that have profound consequences. One of those decisions we make each day is what to eat. And it's something that people unfortunately are not mindful enough of, and tragically, people are eating in a way that is resulting in the deaths of billions of animals and also horrible health problems for our human population and destruction of the planet's ecosystem. So, every day, we make one of the most important choices when we decide what to eat, and I just hope people will think more about it."

Ed Begley, Jr.
"I believe in the rights of all creatures. If we needed to kill to survive, we have and we would, as do many creatures in the wild. But that need no longer be the way we live. In striking a balance between our needs and the needs of the many other species with whom we share this earth, the balance is way out of whack. We treat many other animals as if they are merely "resources" or "spare parts". They are living, breathing, feeling creatures that need to be accorded some measure of respect."

Stephen Best
"Realizing that animals suffered far more than human beings in the quantity and quality of their pain, suffering, and death, I shifted from human rights to animal rights activism. Whereas most human beings have at least some rights, no animals have the most basic right to life and bodily integrity. When I studied the impact of meat production on world hunger and the environment, I realized that by helping the animals I would also be helping humans in the most productive way possible. I saw animal rights as the most radical, complete, and holistic form of activism."

Mayim Bialik
"I show my love for animals by not eating them or participating in any business that profits directly from their exploitation or ' if that word irks you ' their 'use'. You may show your love for animals by eating them. You may love animals, but only 'intelligent' ones. You may draw the line anywhere you gosh darn please, but for me, I couldn't draw it anymore so I just gave up the line. I threw out the line."

Linda Blair
"It is my goal to make changes in this country before I die on behalf of the animals."

Brendan Brazier
"I first became vegan for health reasons, which for me translates to performance gains. Soon after I stopped eating meat I realized that there were many more reasons other than just health to be vegan. Society makes contributing to killing an animal completely acceptable and anonymous, others do all the messy work (breeding, raising, killing) all you as the consumer has to do is walk into a friendly, clean supermarket in the shopping mall and buy a piece of meat wrapped with a cartoon picture of a smiling cow on it."

Sean Brennan
"Image is just an unfortunate bother when you're in this business. But, one running theme through my clothing is I don't wear leather or fur, because I'm a vegan. And most of my clothing is fairly worn and tattered. I guess that's my statement that I reject people's obsession with wealth, ego gratification, and vanity. My statement that you have to look past the surface and value what's inside rather than what's outside."

Dan Briggs
"I went vegetarian in the eighth grade. I remember there was this animal rights group that had just started up in Erie, Pennsylvania, that always had a table set up at shows of videos showing animal abuse and meat factories. Then I realized'we had a puppy for about three years, this great black lab named Kelly. Watching her one day, I noticed how many humanlike qualities she had, and I'm just like, this is my best friend and she is an animal like a cow is an animal, and they're all the same, and I don't really want to eat them. I can just remember, my dad was cooking up Sunday breakfast, and I was like, 'Dad, I don't think I'm going to eat eggs or drink milk anymore."

Brigid Brophy
"I don't hold animals superior or even equal to humans. The whole case for behaving decently to animals rests on the fact that we are the superior species. We are the species uniquely capable of imagination, rationality, and moral choice and that is precisely why we are under an obligation to recognize and respect the rights of animals."

Mark Browning
"I am a vegan. I chose to change my lifestyle when I learned what a toll meat-eating takes on our environment, not to mention the unimaginable cruelty that is routine within the factory farming industry."

Hunter Burgan
"I think that back in 1992, especially where I grew up, it was certainly not easy to be vegan. Now, I think it is so simple. The world has definitely become more vegan-friendly, and now it would just be silly not to be vegan."

Geezer Butler
"Life is God's or natures' greatest gift. All life should be treated with respect and dignity."

Molly Cameron
"When I turned 15 or 16 I realized that I did not have to eat meat, so I stopped. I went Vegan the same year I got into bike racing: 1999. I was living in San Francisco and started racing on the track and lived with a bunch of vegans. To be honest, I never really liked eating animal products. It was just always in stuff I would eat. Y'know: burritos have cheese, pizza has cheese. But once I was surrounded by people who showed me that there were options, I stopped eating animal products right away. I was really motivated to start taking responsibility for what I put in my body."

Robert Cheeke
"I definitely have more energy, an easier digestion, increased metabolism, and much reduced recovery time after workouts. I have less inflammations, can train harder and faster, and my heart and joints are much healthier - there is really nothing negative I can think of as being a vegan athlete."

George Church
"I've been vegan off-and-on since 1974 when I was inspired by participating in an MIT nutritional study, and quite strictly since 2004. My four reasons have been: medical (cholesterol in fish & dairy), energy conservation (up to 20-fold impact), cruelty ('organic' animals are deprived of medicines that humans use), and risks of spreading pathogens (not just the flu). Shoppers, chefs and diners (especially for mixed foods) will increasingly employ cell phones to scan barcodes (or scan foods directly) to get information on lipid content, environmental impact, and personalization (allergies, salt, lactose intolerance, celiac, religious and political preferences, etc.). Entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity to (ironically) extend "green chemistry" ideas to foods. Veganism is an issue for which personal and global love of life, health and wealth align. It's a pity to lose parts of our humanity and planet just due to a lack of recipes."

Vicki Cosio
"For me, being vegan means choosing life without cruelty. Choosing an ethical way to live. I try to be the best example of a vegan that I can, so people will ask me how at my age, I can do the things that I do. That is the opening that I have to explain veganism to them, and what it means to me and what it can mean to them."

Mac Danzig
"Ever since I can remember, I've always had a profound respect and interest in nature and animals. I guess it's just in my blood. I grew up poor by American standards and was raised to eat whatever we could afford. I remember being 13 and seeing a truck on the interstate filled with pigs all headed to the slaughterhouse. One of them made eye contact with me for a while. It was one of the saddest moments I can remember. There was so much intelligence and spirit in him, and here he was, being sent to an awful death."

Alexander Dargatz
" I read a couple of good books and realized the ethical implications of eating meat and the countless other ways of abusing animals and nature. It made me cry. There simply is no need for us to consume animal products and we cause a lot of harm by doing so; that is the definition of crime. I couldn't be anything else but vegan after understanding that."

Ellen DeGeneres
"50 billion animals a year are killed and I think we all fool ourselves that there is some kind of happy cow and that it's a quick death, that they just hit him in the head and that they are out. They are all in pain, they are all treated badly. They are all diseased and they are all pumped with antibiotics. It's a very disturbing reality. And it happens every minute of the day."

Emily Deschanel
"One way I removed myself from participation and the cruelties that go on is that I became vegan and another is involving myself in organizations like Farm Sanctuary. They do political work, they do outreach, they do education, and they are also a sanctuary for animals. It's an amazing place to visit. You get to know these animals that are incredible and you wouldn't want to eat them again."

Michael Dorn
"I run into people all the time that say 'I can't do it', or 'It's too difficult', or 'I really need meat'. And I just say 'Look, it's really not difficult, it's just different'. You have to go into a shop a different way. You have to look at the packaging. You have to pay attention to what goes in it and be careful. That just takes a little more time, but it's not hard."

William Faith
"I had been vegetarian for 5 years back in the '80's, but backslid horribly for the whole of the '90's. In 2000, I became vegetarian again, and it was seeing the film Peaceable Kingdom in late 2004 that cemented my decision to become vegan. I have never looked back."

Gary Francione
"We all say that we take animal interests seriously, but in reality, our society treats animals in much the same way that it treats any other form of property. If, however, we did accord animals this one right not to be treated as property, we would be committed to abolishing and not merely regulating animal exploitation because our uses of animals for food, experiments, product testing, entertainment, and clothing all assume that animals are nothing but property. If we accepted that animals have the right not to be treated as our property, we would stop'completely'bringing domestic animals into existence."

Matt Frazier
"A real eye-opener for me was reading Brendan Brazier's Thrive. Brendan is pro Ironman triathlete who happens to be vegan, and his book was so helpful to me. It convinced me that I didn't need to think about counting how much protein I was getting as long as I made sure that every day I was eating a wide variety of foods. It seems like we as athletes have been led to believe we need a whole lot more protein than we actually do. So just getting over that mental block that I needed a huge piece of protein in every meal was a big step."

Kathy Freston
"As I began to understand what happens to animals as they become food, I had to ask myself: is my hankering for a piece of chicken or bacon worth the pain and fear that an animal goes through to become the meat at my table? I had this epiphany that in my soul, no, this doesn't sit right with me. For me, it's about finding my balance with delicious food while at the same time feeling spiritually true. I would rather opt for vegan food and know that my choices didn't contribute to any fear, pain or suffering"

Glen E. Friedman
"On my Web pages and in my books, my veganism and straight edge philosophies are always mentioned, and in every interview I always make it very clear so people understand that I am vegan and I am straight edge. It's a good thing to represent."

Anu Garg
"What really struck me was that animals are also sentient beings. I realized that they are made for their own purposes -- whether you believe in God or nature -- not for us to consume."

Brian Greene
"From my limited experience, vegetarians typically are people who are willing to challenge the usual, accepted order of things. Moreover, they're often people willing to sacrifice their own pleasures in pursuit of what they believe is right. These same qualities are often what's needed to make great breakthroughs in the arts and sciences."

Michael Greger
"I was at Farm Sanctuary. Gene took me to a stockyard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Gave me a tour. It's a matter of seeing it with your own eyes, I think. I mean, that's really what does it. You can read about, see pictures, even watch a video, but you can't smell it. You can't hear it. You're not surrounded by it. That's what did it for me. Maybe that's from my lack of imagination. Some people can read a book and that's it! That's amazing. They can change their lives. For me, it took that extra push. I needed to kind of experience it, and once I was in that environment feeding these animals, that was it."

Andrew Günsberg
TV Personality
"Mastication is one of my favourite things ' it's right up there. There's a Buddhist saying: 'When you walk, just walk; when you eat, just eat.' When I sit down to eat, I like to think about how it got to the table, who grew it, who picked it, who prepared it and brought it to you. When you think about all the energy that's gone into making something good, why would you ever eat a burger from a franchise again?"

Woody Harrelson
"If you eat chicken, maybe you're on one level. If you wear a mink coat, maybe you're on another level. But if you wear cosmetics, cosmetics that are tested on animals, then you're just unconscious. Really, my message is simple. It's a message of compassion. In this world that is spinning madly out of control, we have to realize that we're all related. We have to try to live harmoniously."

Davey Havok
"I went vegan for two reasons; I really try to live the healthiest lifestyle that I can and to be vegan is the healthiest diet that you can live ' as long as you're not eating a bunch of French fries ' you can abuse the diet! But when eating properly it is the healthiest way you can live and it's the best for your body and thereby your mind. Also I have respect for animals. I love animals. I really don't feel that it is our right to abuse them and I would feel awful abusing them for any reason."

Chrissie Hynde
"The amount of suffering that animals endure doesn't surprise me because it's mirrored by the scale of human suffering. There are whole continents where people are starving to death and the cause is the same ' enforced slavery and exploitation. Violence breeds violence and gentle ways promote more gentle ways. The reaction to murder is murder and people who eat meat are responsible for wholesale murder. They take pleasure in eating meat, which has nothing to do with necessity, and killing for pleasure is murder."

Joi Ito
"If you've thought about being a vegan for any reason, I suggest you try it. It isn't as hard as it sounds."

Cathy Jamieson
"I was brought up in a rural dairy farming area in Scotland. ... Not drinking milk is a big decision for someone living in that community. It got to the stage, although I was vegetarian, that my health hadn't been particularly good. When I researched a few things, I realized that perhaps I could deal with some of the symptoms I was having, simply by cutting out dairy produce. And I did. Then I got more interested in the ethical issues."

Scott Jurek
"On a vegan diet I was improving not only my body composition, but I was increasing muscle mass. And a lot of people assume that one needs to eat animal products to gain a lot of muscle mass or sufficient muscle mass for even power sports, and that's definitely been proved false time and time again."

Tonya Kay
"I would like to dispel the myth that being vegetarian, especially a live vegan, is difficult. I have been traveling for five years now, without a home and a kitchen. I have thrived on this diet in every city in the nation and let me tell you, there is nothing easier or more fun! What is more effortless than finding a grocery store and carrying a few macadamia nuts and dates to dance class with you? What is more fulfilling than spending an afternoon with friends at the local farmer's market?"

Jamie Kilstein
"You should go vegan, guys. Factory farms contribute to the majority of global warming, and it's healthier, and you don't have to kill little animals."

Michael Klaper
"A vegan diet and lifestyle makes a statement to all that 'killing is not part of my problem-solving kit. I won't use extermination of any sentient creature--including humans--as a solution to a given problem, even involving my food, water, or other vital matters'. Such a stance of non-violent intent emanates feelings of safety towards those around you and will make any situation better."

Kathy Kolla
Film Director
"You just have to believe in what you're doing and believe that's the best thing for you. I've always stood up for my own beliefs instead of following other people."

Dennis Kucinich
"I've been a vegan now since 1995, and as a result I've had tremendous health, I've had great energy, clarity. I've had the ability to be able to connect my dietary choices with my health."

Georges Laraque
"After I saw how badly animals were treated to end up in our plates, how bad it was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all, animals can't talk and they need people that have notoriety like me to be their voices."

Carol Leifer
"I became vegan because I felt that as a Jewish lesbian, I wasn't part of a small enough minority. So now I'm a Jewish lesbian vegan."

Ted Leo
"After about ten years of being vegetarian for a whole host of reasons that people tend to make that choice, the driving force was that I couldn't justify not being vegan. To a certain degree, once I'd made that decision to be a vegetarian and live with that for ten years, a lot of the less personal, more political/economic/animal rights reasons didn't really justify not being vegan for me. Just seemed like too much of a half-step."

Howard Lyman
"I spent 45 years in the cattle business always professing that I loved my animals. But it was years before I was willing to admit I was more interested in profit than the animals' health. The fact of it is, we simply raised them to a point where they became economically beneficial to us to sell. I finally woke up. Looking in those big old brown eyes, I realized those animals loved life in their way just as much as I loved life in mine; there was no way in the world I could ever put them to death again."

Dennis Lyxzén
"I got into animal rights and the anti-capitalist struggle at the same time because I think a lot of the effect of why we treat animals like we do is because the structure of labor and the structure of mass production of commodities. And I think in a capitalist society, there is no meaning to an object if it's not a product to be bought or sold, and therefore animals as animals have no meaning - their only meaning is as products. And so for me, the animal rights struggle has always been an anti-capitalist struggle, it's always been a struggle against big corporations and that kind of stuff. For me, it's always been interlinked."

"I have been to many countries where people eat a lot of meat and their country is abundant with so many fruit and vegetables it's unbelievable, they don't realise what is right under their nose."

Ian Mackaye
"The reason people equate fanaticism with veganism or vegetarianism is because there have been a handful of fanatics who've practiced it. But those people's issues usually are not connected to diet but to their own violence or unhappiness."

Mike Mahler
"My parents once took me to a game park in Kenya. When I saw a variety of incredible animals in their natural habitats, I realized that this is how animals should be living their lives. Not on some miserable factory farm being treated inhumanely. After the trip to Kenya I felt the power of believing in something strongly and wanted to do something to alleviate animal suffering."

Johnny Marr
"Giving up things doesn't mean sacrifice or misery to me, I see it as the opposite, it's interesting."

Fred Mascherino
"My reasons for being vegan are definitely not against people who disagree and I'm definitely not against the farmer and his cow. It's more about the whole factory industry and the unhealthy part of it. A lot of things changed when we started doing factory farming and I kinda just don't want any part of that. I also do it for environmental reasons because even just eating less meat is one way you can actually help lower global warming."

Peter Max
"I think when people become involved in protecting animals, saving them and caring for them it really develops the compassionate heart. We can go on to endless proportions with that. People think, "well what about all the human beings" but when you protect an animal you are compassionate to human beings a hundred fold. So it's all for human beings. Its for the world."

Kerry McCarthy
"If people are vegetarians for ethical reasons'because they believe that killing and eating animals is wrong'they really ought to be vegan, too. The average human eats more than 11,000 animals in his or her lifetime, but millions of calves and chicks are also killed every year as "waste products" of milk and egg production."

John A. McDougall
"People feel poorly because they are nourished by foods you wouldn't feed to you dog and cat. The rich western diet is full of fat, sugar, cholesterol, salt, animal protein -- all the wrong foods for people. Look around the world and see where people are thin and healthy -- they live on a starch based diet --rice."

Lindsay McDougall
"I call myself a vegan, primarily to be cool, and secondly because for me it's more than just not eating animal products. Being vegan is also about doing everything you can to lessen and stop the suffering of all animals on earth. Getting out and letting people know how awful the whole industry is, to promote the alternatives, to sign petitions, write letters, hand out leaflets, do interviews, get drunk and lecture people self-righteously for hours' you get the point. I understand and respect people who don't eat animal products but don't wanna talk about it, but I want everyone to know, partly coz I want them to think about it too, and partly coz I want them to know how cool it is."

Nellie McKay
"If you look at a picture of say, a duck being made into foie gras, there are people who can look at it and then look away. There are people who can look at it, think about it, but kind of ignore it. While other people look, think, and realize they just can't do this anymore."

"If the humans have rights, the animals should have rights as well. Being vegan means not eating meat, fish, not buying stuff made from animals. However if you try to do this sort of a thing in Japan - being vegan, not eating meat and fish - people will think of you as an unsocial person. This sort of feeling, outsider from society, and stance helps me a lot at making music."

Ed Miller
Poker Player
"Veganism is, among other things, a statement that we should not exploit those weaker than us simply because we can turn a profit from it. Poker, on the other hand, demands that you attack the weak, and relish the profit you can make from it. Of course, the weak at my Las Vegas poker tables often own multimillion-dollar bank accounts, so you can't feel too bad for them. Having said all that, most of the other vegans I know who play poker are pretty darn good at it."

Heather Mills
"What I would really like to see is people being educated and making conscientious choices, thinking, 'Okay, what would be good for my family, the animals and good for the planet?' It is without any argument eating a vegan diet. It's as simple as that!"

"I like being vegan, I think it's good for my health. But honestly, one of the main reasons I'm vegan is because I'm ethically lazy. My friends who eat meat or who eat eggs have to sometimes wrestle with the ethical consequences of their actions. By being vegan, I take the easy way out. I truly don't judge other people's actions. But I think that factory farming is an abomination."

Dub Poet
"When the Bible tells you 'Thou Shalt Not Kill', it never said 'Thou Shalt Not Kill man'. It said 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' and full stop. ... If God wanted animals to be your food, him wouldn't make them with foot to run away, and with eyes. Food not supposed to have eyes and mouth and nose. That is not food. Food cannot have eyes. That is crazy."

Bif Naked
"It's been a long time that I've eaten like this and it's really never been difficult, not one day."

Daniel Negreanu
Poker Player
"I'm pretty opinionated and don't shy away from taking on controversial topics that sometimes get me into trouble. I really don't care all that much if it pisses some people off."

Ingrid Newkirk
"The problem these days is that you do something sensible and right and the press yawns. You have to be controversial, to shake things up a bit, to make hard comparisons to get attention, to start people thinking, even if people hate you for it. The message, not the messenger, is what's important. Arguing is better than nothingness. And as it has been said, new ideas start with argument as defenses are worn down, ultimately comes acceptance."

Thich Nhat Hanh
Buddhist Monk
"Compassion is our most important practice. Understanding brings compassion. Understanding the suffering that living beings undergo helps liberate the energy of compassion. And with that energy you know what to do ."

David Pearce
"Ethically, I think we need to ask: does the enjoyment many consumers derive from eating dead animal flesh morally outweigh the suffering that went into its production? Can we ever justify 'owning' another sentient being - whether human or non-human? By what right?"

Joaquin Phoenix
"I was 3-years-old - to this day it is a vivid memory. My family and I were on a boat, catching fish. As one fish was caught, he was writhing, then he was thrown against the side of the boat. You couldn't disguise what it was. This was what we did to animals to eat them. The animal went from a living, vibrant creature fighting for life to a violent death. I recognized it, as did my brothers and sisters."

Dan Piraro
"Many years ago, when I still ate meat, a neighbor was mistreating his dog, and I called a rescue group. I couldn't stand the idea of animals being mistreated. I understand people who have that dual mentality'companion animals and food animals'because I was that guy. I went out of my way not to find out where those [food] animals came from."

Monica Richards
"Watching Peaceable Kingdom was the deciding factor for me - it merged the horror of factory farming with the emotional needs of animals, it clicked for me. Before that, the Disconnect was strong, loving baby chicks but eating chicken was not something I thought of. Now that I know what I know, I wish I had learned it all when I was a child."

Portia de Rossi
"I think it's more difficult to be vegan than gay. I think people have a harder time accepting it; people feel more uncomfortable with a vegan at their dinner table than they do a lesbian. It's confronting. It's kind of suggesting that what someone else is doing is bad or wrong, and it hits them on a more personal level. If somebody is sitting there eating a steak watching you eat polenta, they're thinking that you're trying to preach to them or you're trying to convert them in some way. Whereas with being gay, I don't think anyone's concerned that that's the agenda."

John Salley
"I'm a Vegan and part of what I do is promote lifestyles, healthy lifestyles and when they ask me about obesity in the black and Latino world with these young kids, I would teach about food and how food can help you and nourish you."

Alicia Silverstone
"Like most people, I wasn't always a vegetarian, but I've always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love. They don't like pain. Now when I see a steak, it makes me feel sad and sick because right away, I see my dog or the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary."

Russell Simmons
Business Magnate
"Being a thoughtful vegan makes our time on this Earth more peaceful and joyous, because you get to have a hand in promoting and increasing the happiness, good health and well-being of others -- both animal and human -- rather than being an instrument of their suffering and death."

Stunt Performer
"I'm a proud vegan, whistle-blower, and animal rights activist."

Biz Stone
"My wife and I have been vegan and have been supporting Farm Sanctuary. I actually became vegan, once I visited the Watkins Glen facility. Just even 2 minutes into some of this teaching about factory farming and I was sold. I have become a happy vegan ever since. We've adopted many of the animals."

Lynda Stoner
"I am disturbed that most people still view fish as not being sentient and therefore needing no consideration. For a fish to die out of water is no less agonising than for us to drown, it is the same process."

Tommy Tallarico
"I just love life and I think no matter what kind of animal you are you deserve a chance. Coming from an Italian family it was kinda different going from meat and cheese. But I can still have pasta just without the meat and cheese in it. I love to cook so I like trying to make things like Key Lime Pie and make it healthy with ways that I can eat it."

Donald Watson
Inventor "Vegan"
"We should all consider carefully what our Group, and our magazine, and ourselves, shall be called. 'Non-dairy' has become established as a generally understood colloquialism, but like 'non-lacto' it is too negative. Moreover it does not imply that we are opposed to the use of eggs as food. We need a name that suggests what we do eat, and if possible one that conveys the idea that even with all animal foods taboo, Nature still offers us a bewildering assortment from which to choose. 'Vegetarian' and 'Fruitarian' are already associated with societies that allow the 'fruits'(!) of cows and fowls, therefore it seems we must make a new and appropriate word. As this first issue of our periodical had to be named, I have used the title 'The Vegan News'. Should we adopt this, our diet will soon become known as a VEGAN diet, and we should aspire to the rank of VEGANS."

Persia White
"I know we can make a difference in the world around us. One simple action can lessen or stop the suffering of another. Every great movement, invention, or philosophy began with ONE person. Often times society can make a person feel small or unimportant, yet there is tremendous strength in every word, every action, every voice. It's time to be heard."

Alissa White-Gluz
"Most people would agree that there is something terribly wrong with bashing in the heads of baby seals, yet the Canadian government allows the seal slaughter to continue each year. As a Canadian, I am appalled and ashamed that my government would allow and encourage cruelty to animals on such a massive scale."

Saul Williams
"Everyday, our species participates in the mass genocide of other species without care or concern or even questioning whether the violence that we ingest and condone plays any role in our apathetic support of the war machine we have become."

Kenneth G. Williams
"A lot of people think it's expensive to be a vegan, but it's really not. You know, there're no limitations on the vegan lifestyle, because you can eat all this organic stuff all day, every day'there's no limit. It's easy to cook too. Drop in your vegetables, put some tofu in there or some pad Thai or tempeh, and just stir it up."

Spice Williams-Crosby
Stunt Performer
"If you change to a very healthy lifestyle and you set an example of love, and high energy then the world will come to you asking you the same question they ask me. 'What do you eat that makes you look so healthy, full of energy and strong?' I just smile and proudly say, 'I'm a VEGAN!"

Steve Wynn
"Animal-based food kills people. By going vegan, we get healthy and save animals."

Benjamin Zephaniah
Dub Poet
"As the only black kid in my primary school playground, animals had become my friends. By 15 I was vegan, although I didn't give up honey until 16. For a while my mother thought it was just 'a rasta phase'."
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