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Animal Rights Art Art by Croatian animal rights activist Mariana Cerovecki. Through art she wants to spread awareness and bring animal rights issues on a higher level, more exposed, more visible, more direct.
Animal Rights Counterculture Freely-distributable repository of artistic works promoting the abolition of animal exploitation.
L.A. Watson Art by L.A. Watson, a vegan-feminist-animal rights artist.
Aux Animaux Blog containing animal rights poetry by Jacques Rimant. He has written poems both in French and in English.
Culture and Animals Cultural organization committed to fostering the growth of intellectual and artistic endeavors united by a positive concern for animals.
Metamorphosis Poems to Inspire Transformation. Poems for Human, Animal, and Environmental Rights.
A compilation of poetry and photos by M. Butterflies Katz.
Pangarden Studio Beautiful art by artist Chris McCasland. The prints can be ordered in limited edition on arched watercolor paper in archival links. Some art is also sold as 5 x 7 cards.
Ruth Norbury Ruth Norbury is an artist who works primarily in fine hand embroidery, textiles and mixed media. She uses her art to raise awareness of animal suffering and environmental destruction.
Veronica Ibarra Art for animal equality. A project of activist art developed by vegan artist Veronica Ibarra. Her intention is to raise awareness about animal discrimination. She is willing to collaborate with vegan groups and individuals from any country to show her work at events, publications, etc.
Why Not Eat Your Pet A series of art exhibits by artist Gale Hart that dares to compare our pets to all other animals from which we have detached ourselves in order to eat, test on, wear, and use for entertainment. The intent is to express animals' pain and suffering, not with shock or gore, but to create a bold work of art that drives a message so poignant that one can't help but think, and hopefully, be moved to care. A portion of the artists' and galleries' proceeds will be donated to animal protection groups and sanctuaries.

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