Seal Hunt

Hundreds of thousands of seals are killed each year for their pelts, meat, oil (sold as a health supplement) and penises (used to make aphrodisiacs in Asian markets). The majority are hunted in Canada.

Killing Methods

Younger seals are usually killed with clubs or hakapiks (an ice-pick like weapon). Older seals are usually shot from a distance with a riffle. Some seals don't die instantly and escape the hunters to die a slow and painful death.

Seal being clubbed to death.

Baby seal.

Killing Babies

The Canadian seal hunt takes place during the season when babies are born. The killing of white-furred babies in commercial hunts has been banned. However, there are no regulations against killing them for 'personal use' or killing their mothers. When the babies are 12 days old and lose their baby fur, they are allowed to be killed commercially. The majority of seals killed are less than a year old. Many seals are still alive and conscious while being skinned.
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