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I understand that these animal cruelty pages are difficult to look at. They were definitely difficult to put together. In our day to day life, we only see the final products like a glass of milk, a sweater, a pair of boots, an egg or a hamburger. It is easy and very tempting not to look beyond those products. The images and descriptions of how they are produced are absolutely heartbreaking. The horrors are a reality though. If they are hard for us to look at, just imagine how they are for the animals who have to suffer day in and day out. We owe it to them not to live with our eyes closed. We owe it to them to let others know about their suffering.

Exploitation and Abuse

Vegans oppose both the exploitation and abuse of animals. What I hope you will realize after looking at the Animal Cruelty pages, is that "exploitation" and "abuse" go hand in hand. Any business that uses animals for a profit will involve some kind of abuse. One small organic chicken farmer explained to me that they will always have to make decisions where they have to balance economic interest and animal welfare.

Vegans even avoid animal products if no abuse is involved. Vegans don't see animals as existing on Earth for our benefit and are against their exploitation. Even though a long time ago it was necessary to exploit animals for our own survival, that no longer is the case. What is so beautiful about the human mind is our ability to make choices. We don't operate out of instinct. I think that it makes complete sense to choose to evolve further and to live our lives without negatively affecting the lives of our fellow Earth inhabitants.

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